Let’s say you need someone to write articles for your blog, run your company’s Twitter account, what you need is a copywriter —-  a freelance copywriter or otherwise, it’s all the same.

Take for example a site like elance.com —- you’ll see postings like: I’m looking for a writer who can ghostwrite me a 30 000 word eBook on……. (the topic will be provided, all you need do is grab your pen and start writing).

In other words a copywriter is like an actor who can take up any writing role and play it so well so as to  make the character in which he/she’s playing look nothing less than natural.

Remember Jamie Foxx the time he played Ray Charles or the more recently, Daniel Day Lewis who played Abraham Lincoln in the Oscar winning Abe?

That’s what copywriting is all about, and those who talk of it as a skill in which buyers are persuaded to part with their money are not entirely in the wrong as the picture they paint of copywriters is that of vultures waiting for you by the wayside. To do what with you, I don’t know…

Why, then, hire a freelance copywriter?

For the same reason you’d choose go to a Justin Bieber concert, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a freelance copywriter on your team .

While we’re in no position to sing you anything in the tune of: you can be homeless; we can be starving; here are 5 Good Reasons You Gotta Have A Freelance Copywriter by Your Side:

1.  A freelance copywriter brings a new perspective to your project.

2.  A freelance copywriter induces more sales and gets you more customers.

3.  A freelance copywriter will save you money —- lots of it.

4.  A freelance copywriter let’s you in on valuable networking opportunities.

5.  A good freelance copywriter knows the ins and out of Search engine optimization and will get your blog/website ranking higher on Google and all other Search engines like Yahoo! and Bing.

6.  You stay in charge of the project.