Marketing with Flyers: The Benefits

Now that we’ve discovered the low costs of having your flyers designed (500 flyers for almost a thousand rand, including VAT and design, the questions to ask ourselves now is whether we going to have our money’s worth. The return on investment?

Marketing Minefield puts the response rate down at 1 – 2%, meaning that for 5 000 flyers you can expect a hundred people to be interested in your services to actually call you up, make contact and do business with you.

For a more confidence-inspiring response rate, the same Marketing Minefield advises that your flyers be in the sizes of A7, especially when handing them out on the streets (so that people can put them in their wallets without hassle).

A number of handing them out —- such as placing them in magazines, letterboxes —- are also listed on the site, but how ever you give them out, what you wanna know is: will they yield me results?

Reason why your flyers should have information such as your contact details, promotional codes and, definitely, carry your social networking sites and email address.

The more flyers you have, the more responses you can expect. For smaller businesses 10 000 flyers should do, be the minimum —- so as to test the waters, if possible.

Back home, in South Africa that is, the company you might have to work with in case you’re planning to have somebody else hand them out for you, is on the dot.

On the dot, on its website, states that it can reach up to 13 million homes in 4 days (that’ll be like the whole of South Africa in about 12 days). But the questions this article wants answered is: How many of these 13 million people would actually respond were you to give out 13 million flyers to 13 million homes?

At the end of the day this is the question your flyer maker should answer for you. Make it his responsibility. Cause the first time you make contact with him, he’ll waste no time in sending you a quote. But we all know what the Bible says about asking. Ask and it shall be… remember that when dealing with your flyer maker. Also ask for success stories from previous clients if possible.

That said, thank you so much for reading and all the best of luck in your flyer campaign


Business Flyers 101

If you think meeting new people is hard, so says property group RealNet in one of their advertising placard at Silver Lakes Golf Estate, try picking up the wrong ball…

Same applies to handing out your own business flyers at some busy intersection. How nerve wrecking would it be for you to be in a position of being rejected or accepted?

Remember, the same people you’re trying to wow and win business from have the right to roll down their windows or just look at you like some bimbo beggar: dirty, smelling, annoying and all things deplorable.

These must be some of the reasons, even though a cheaper method of getting your message out there, folks never bother with flyers. The reason they’d rather pay other folks to do the dirty work for them.

But this article seeks out to clue you on some of the questions you should ask before setting out on your flyer campaign.

First, price and quantity. How many flyers do you get and how much are you expected to pay?

“Affordable Marketing Specialists”,, starts their prices at R 695, which I think’s a fair price for 5 thousand flyers (in other words, meaning 5 thousand of the 50 million people in South Africa get to know about your company, group or organisation for only R 695)

But, as to be expected, there will be more costs like VAT.

SA Flyers, a division of blink marketing, on its website states that the R 695 price you have to pay, excludes VAT. Meaning that you might, or as a matter of must, end up paying   R 795, which I think a further 100 bucks is a major drawback… cause there are other things to consider as well like: who’ll be doing your flyer designing.

If you can do it for yourself, fine. If you want them to do it for you, you’ll end up paying more than the VAT included R 795.

But let’s see how much some of these designers might charge you.

The other questions you have to answer are: do you like sharing and would you like your flyers to be one-sided? If not, you have the option of going double-sided. But if you’re looking to cut costs, one side’ll do But you’ll have to share your flyer with the flyer maker’s promo on the reverse side of the same flyer.

Other questions to be asked are:

do they do delivery in case you’re in some part of SA where you can’t deal with blinkmarketing face to face. Well, the good part’s that the final price includes delivery to major cities like Pretoria, Capetown, East London, DurbanBloemfontein and George. If you’re not in any of these areas just talk to Warren. His email’s and he’ll surely arrange that you get your flyers wherever you’ll be.

This must be all you need to know. Whether you should go it yourself (standing at the robots) or have someone do it for you, the choice is all yours.

How Much to Pay for Good Copy?

If you’re in the hunt for a freelance copywriter, and are comparing prices, you’d be interested to know that if you email us the words “where’s my free copy?” we’d give you what you asked for – free, damn good copy. is the email, but for those who’d rather pay their own way, read on – this article is for you.

First up, I’ll tell you what kind of stuff creeps me out: People, copywriters, or professionals who charge you per hour. I mean, I couldn’t afford that myself. Reason I wouldn’t advise you to go along that hourly route, unless you’ve got your own reasons to.

What method of charging, then, do I prefer? If I were to give you work I’d rather have you charge me per project, not per hour, you see.

How does that sound? That means if you want me to write you a 500-word About Us page for your website, I’d bill you for that particular page. What if my pricing is a bit steeper than you thought and way over your initial budget?

For example, I charge you R 250 for your About Us page, and –  looking at your budget – your next step is to enter into a bargain plea, I’m all for it. Cause I know some folks’ll be like: “Ah, 250! Can’t you go a little bit lower? My copywriter charges me like this much.”

Although it’ll be cool in an arrogant way for me to bite back and ask why they don’t stick to their current copywriter, I’ll probably hear them out and accept the project their way.

Basically that’s how you can pay me or any other like-minded copywriter to get your copy done.

That is:

You’ve got the option to email me the words “where’s my free copy?” and like I promised, you’ll get yourself free, damn good copy. Or…

Let me charge you per project, not per hour (unless you really want to be charged that way)

Lastly, we can negotiate my prices and do things your way…

Or if we really have to, you can still email me and we’ll discuss other ways you can pay me for your copy. 

How to Solve Your Copywriter Headache?

There are more freelance copywriters than there is work for them. Good thing when you need one, and are prepared to sift them on job networking sites like Skillpages.

Chances are that 10 or even more copywriters will answer to your

“I need a copywriter to help me with this and that”.

Variety – we all know – is the spice of life but as a local plumbing company radio ad cautions: Don’t let the finding get into the way of the doing.

Meaning, let’s say you get 10 responses from 10 different copywriters, how do you go about choosing one – only one?

Here are five things to consider:

1. Time: How quick will they be to give you the final copy is the question to ask yourself, or better yet, your copywriter. For example, a 500-word might take from 20, 30, 45 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on how large your project’s gonna be, you can possibly tell your copywriter to hand in the project in quotas. But at the end of the day the thing is to agree with each other on the time frame.

2. Experience: How long have they been in the copywriting industry or what work they have been able to do in whatever time they’ve had in their creative careers is another all-important question to consider when picking your own freelance copywriter.

3. Price: Are they affordable or will they be willing to lower them prices? If not, they might not be the ones for you. Cause at the end of the day you need someone who’s open minded to the level that he/she can put him/herself in your financial shoes. In other words, as in a local insurance company Outsurance’s slogan: We’ll bend for you backwards.

4. Profile Pic: This might not be that important, but on second-thoughts, or when you really think about it, the profile pic of your next freelance copywriter has to be taken into consideration. While it boils down to discrimination, choosing a beauty or one super-hunk for a copywriter might not be a bad idea. Looks can be deceiving blah, blah, blah… but a good-looking, or appropriate looking copywriter is someone to be trusted, hey?

5. Your gut-feeling: Call it instinct or whatever you will, it all comes to one thing: What makes them unique? Is it their name? Their profile bio? Anything! But remember: Don’t let the finding get into the way of the doing.

Good luck in your search, and thanks for reading. Until next time, peace!