Writing – it matters not whether you categorize it into freelance copywriting, Seo copywriting or for that matter novel writing – is one beast you’ll find difficult in endearing to some enclave, and then be like: “Hey, you! I know what makes you tick and what sets you off. Now get out of my sight!”

It’s a life-long acquired skill. Having started reading and writing at the age of five, or before that, the earliest compliment I ever received came from my grade 1 up to 3 teacher, who said: “[One day] you’re going to be a news reader.”

Of course life had other plans, and fortunately or unfortunately being a news reader wasn’t one of them. But everywhere I go people compliment me for many other things like how I have thick or long eyebrows! Really, they do. And they go on to tell me how I’ve got this deep voice and that I should be in the choir or be some Caribbean cricket commentator. The other day they were like: “You know Barry White?”

At first I thought I didn’t, cause this guy was British or something like that and his “Barry” was like “Burry”, that’s how he pronounced it.

“You know Burry White?”

I was like: “Barry White, the singer?”

“Yeah,” he said, “You sound just like him. You’ve got a very nice voice.”

“Can you sing?” asked one of the lady he was with.

“Unfortunately not,” I said, “but I can write…”

… Okay, it’s back to the writing now. But my point is this: compliments like these, especially the ones received when one’s still trying to make it out in his chosen career, come handy and builds up one’s courage when the tough gets going.

This is to say life isn’t one sided. Like any other writer I’ve received, and will continue to receive my fair share of rejections and like hell they hurt. Make you ask yourself whether you should be trying something else other than writing. I’ve had my copy labeled as “unreadable English”. I’ve been told by top websites that they cannot take my writing as it is not what they’re looking for currently.

Rejections, as mentioned in the above lines, are painful and embarrassing. But after the rejection comes the time to reflect and ponder upon the future. With the big question being: Is this where the buck stops, or should I continue chasing pavements as in the words of you know who.

This blog seeks to say: The writing never stops. I love writing so much that no-one will ever reject me enough so as to make me stop. It is my life, my bread. My butter.

Without it my life is never whole. But if your question is: “What is copywritingsouthafrica all about?” the answer, like our slogan says, is: “At home with customer grabbing, money winning freelance writers.”

Meaning if you want your copy to get you more customers and in the end more sales and thus more money, relax – you’re on the right site. And we welcome you. Copywriterlu@gmail.com is my email. I charge per project and have only one wish for you: to get the desired results from yours message/copy.