Marketing with Flyers: The Benefits

by Lungile Sojini

Now that we’ve discovered the low costs of having your flyers designed (500 flyers for almost a thousand rand, including VAT and design, the questions to ask ourselves now is whether we going to have our money’s worth. The return on investment?

Marketing Minefield puts the response rate down at 1 – 2%, meaning that for 5 000 flyers you can expect a hundred people to be interested in your services to actually call you up, make contact and do business with you.

For a more confidence-inspiring response rate, the same Marketing Minefield advises that your flyers be in the sizes of A7, especially when handing them out on the streets (so that people can put them in their wallets without hassle).

A number of handing them out —- such as placing them in magazines, letterboxes —- are also listed on the site, but how ever you give them out, what you wanna know is: will they yield me results?

Reason why your flyers should have information such as your contact details, promotional codes and, definitely, carry your social networking sites and email address.

The more flyers you have, the more responses you can expect. For smaller businesses 10 000 flyers should do, be the minimum —- so as to test the waters, if possible.

Back home, in South Africa that is, the company you might have to work with in case you’re planning to have somebody else hand them out for you, is on the dot.

On the dot, on its website, states that it can reach up to 13 million homes in 4 days (that’ll be like the whole of South Africa in about 12 days). But the questions this article wants answered is: How many of these 13 million people would actually respond were you to give out 13 million flyers to 13 million homes?

At the end of the day this is the question your flyer maker should answer for you. Make it his responsibility. Cause the first time you make contact with him, he’ll waste no time in sending you a quote. But we all know what the Bible says about asking. Ask and it shall be… remember that when dealing with your flyer maker. Also ask for success stories from previous clients if possible.

That said, thank you so much for reading and all the best of luck in your flyer campaign