How Much to Pay for Good Copy?

by Lungile Sojini

If you’re in the hunt for a freelance copywriter, and are comparing prices, you’d be interested to know that if you email us the words “where’s my free copy?” we’d give you what you asked for – free, damn good copy. is the email, but for those who’d rather pay their own way, read on – this article is for you.

First up, I’ll tell you what kind of stuff creeps me out: People, copywriters, or professionals who charge you per hour. I mean, I couldn’t afford that myself. Reason I wouldn’t advise you to go along that hourly route, unless you’ve got your own reasons to.

What method of charging, then, do I prefer? If I were to give you work I’d rather have you charge me per project, not per hour, you see.

How does that sound? That means if you want me to write you a 500-word About Us page for your website, I’d bill you for that particular page. What if my pricing is a bit steeper than you thought and way over your initial budget?

For example, I charge you R 250 for your About Us page, and –  looking at your budget – your next step is to enter into a bargain plea, I’m all for it. Cause I know some folks’ll be like: “Ah, 250! Can’t you go a little bit lower? My copywriter charges me like this much.”

Although it’ll be cool in an arrogant way for me to bite back and ask why they don’t stick to their current copywriter, I’ll probably hear them out and accept the project their way.

Basically that’s how you can pay me or any other like-minded copywriter to get your copy done.

That is:

You’ve got the option to email me the words “where’s my free copy?” and like I promised, you’ll get yourself free, damn good copy. Or…

Let me charge you per project, not per hour (unless you really want to be charged that way)

Lastly, we can negotiate my prices and do things your way…

Or if we really have to, you can still email me and we’ll discuss other ways you can pay me for your copy.