Business Flyers 101

by Lungile Sojini

If you think meeting new people is hard, so says property group RealNet in one of their advertising placard at Silver Lakes Golf Estate, try picking up the wrong ball…

Same applies to handing out your own business flyers at some busy intersection. How nerve wrecking would it be for you to be in a position of being rejected or accepted?

Remember, the same people you’re trying to wow and win business from have the right to roll down their windows or just look at you like some bimbo beggar: dirty, smelling, annoying and all things deplorable.

These must be some of the reasons, even though a cheaper method of getting your message out there, folks never bother with flyers. The reason they’d rather pay other folks to do the dirty work for them.

But this article seeks out to clue you on some of the questions you should ask before setting out on your flyer campaign.

First, price and quantity. How many flyers do you get and how much are you expected to pay?

“Affordable Marketing Specialists”,, starts their prices at R 695, which I think’s a fair price for 5 thousand flyers (in other words, meaning 5 thousand of the 50 million people in South Africa get to know about your company, group or organisation for only R 695)

But, as to be expected, there will be more costs like VAT.

SA Flyers, a division of blink marketing, on its website states that the R 695 price you have to pay, excludes VAT. Meaning that you might, or as a matter of must, end up paying   R 795, which I think a further 100 bucks is a major drawback… cause there are other things to consider as well like: who’ll be doing your flyer designing.

If you can do it for yourself, fine. If you want them to do it for you, you’ll end up paying more than the VAT included R 795.

But let’s see how much some of these designers might charge you.

The other questions you have to answer are: do you like sharing and would you like your flyers to be one-sided? If not, you have the option of going double-sided. But if you’re looking to cut costs, one side’ll do But you’ll have to share your flyer with the flyer maker’s promo on the reverse side of the same flyer.

Other questions to be asked are:

do they do delivery in case you’re in some part of SA where you can’t deal with blinkmarketing face to face. Well, the good part’s that the final price includes delivery to major cities like Pretoria, Capetown, East London, DurbanBloemfontein and George. If you’re not in any of these areas just talk to Warren. His email’s and he’ll surely arrange that you get your flyers wherever you’ll be.

This must be all you need to know. Whether you should go it yourself (standing at the robots) or have someone do it for you, the choice is all yours.